Professional Custom AFL Writing & Trading System Development

Professional Custom Amibroker AFL Writing Services & AFL Trading Systems

We provide professional custom AFL writing services & AFL trading systems based on client's requirements & business logic. We write AFLs or Trading System based on requirments given by clients. One can also perform actions of Amibroker like Scan, Explore, Back-test and Optimize on written AFL. We do not decompile or debug any written DLLs or AFLs.

The Process:

  • You need to send us or explain us every aspect of the requirements that how the trading system shoul be. Mode of communiction can be either email or phone. In the case of phone communication, email of the requirements are also required to avoid any future confusion.
  • Once we understand all the requirements completely, we will analys it and send you a quotation for the said requirements and apporx delivery time period.
  • You approve the quote and make the payment of 50% of the final amount and we will start working out.
  • Once the work is completed, We will arrange a online demostration of completed AFL to show you the perfomance & functioning of the AFL and you can confirm it as per requirements.
  • Once you are satisfied with demostration of completed AFL, make the payment of remaining balanced amount.
  • On the receipt of remaining amount, we will send the completed AFL to you either by email or other source.

Note: We may ask you further clarification on some requirements or additional information while developing the AFL based on provided requirements.


Delivery of the completed AFL based on the provided requirements may vary based on the work load or complexity of the your AFL.

Modification or Additions:

Any change or addition to the requirements of your AFL after commencement of work may charge you extra. The same will be conveyed to you and It must be acceptable to you explicitly before working on it.


The trading system developed for you will remain totally confidential between us and It will not used by us or It will not be passed to any other person.

In the case, we are unable to develop or deliver your AFL as per your requirements, we will refund you the whole amount that you have paid to us.