About Us

We provide superior consulting services for the financial market industry to institutional and individual investors, traders & brokers.

Out product suite supports Indian equities, futures, currency futures and commodities. It includes Top Sell Bottom Buy System, Only Buy Sell System, Swing Trading System and each system encompasses directional profitable strategies. These products are compatible with Amibroker Platform or MetaTrader Platform.

Our systems are aimed to assist basically to day traders. Our unique blend of both technical analysis and fundamental analysis ensures that we provide balanced, prudent and reliable advice to help your money grow.

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes us, the ideal choice for a consulting firm to manage the design and development of their strategic trading systems.

Our Goal

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering our experience and domain knowledge in the field of financial data collection, crunching, event firing and execution.

Our Approach

We have observed that a trading strategy evolved from both technical analysis and fundamental analysis tends to provide better results. We use fundamental analysis to understand the undertone and long-term scope/depth of the markets. Since fundamentals do not change every day, our fundamental reports are only periodicals preferably more than a quarter though we tend to take some inputs from technical patterns.

For daily traders, we follow technical analysis, which is the main approach we follow for many of our products. We believe that at whatever price a trader sells or buys, he is correct, but his timing is what decides his fortune. Technical analysis helps us to time markets.


Our Principles

Many traders trade markets like gambling. But trading is a serious business like any other business. Trading in financial markets, especially in leveraged markets demands lot of discipline, skill and strategics.

  • Trading is not gambling.

Some traders think that trading is gambling. They throw away their money(which we call sacred money) in the market. Trading is a serious business, which needs meticulous planning. A trader especially who takes our personalized services will be trained to take optimized trading size.

  • Plan your trading plan and stick to the plan.

Many traders jump into the waters without understanding the depth of the market or without planning. And more often it is observed that even if a trader does planning, he/she modifies the trading plan during the trading session. We advice traders to plan before the market opens and more important, stick to the plan. For this purpose we have designed various products to suit different types of traders. We strongly recommend understanding your trading style before you opt for a specific service.

  • Learn to loose.

As the saying goes "LOOSE a battle(s) WIN a war". It is observed that many traders end up holding a trading position especially if it is running way out of money beyond his plan and end up marrying a loosing trade. This leads to a situation wherein you try to justify bad trades. Remember, “Today’s Big loss was Yesterday’s Small loss”.

  • Define trading objectives.

As with any other business, the objective of trading should be very clear. Leave alone the purpose of trading itself, many traders do not define the objective of a trade! We request our clients to define their reason for trading, like some may want to buy a new home or a car or pay off debt or parking their funds etc., whatever the reason may be. Similarly, you need to define objectives for each and every trade. Unless your purpose is to kill time or throw away your money, we recommend trading with clear objectives.

  • Always trade with stop-loss.

While trading, if a stop-loss gets triggered in anticipated direction, a trader tends to curse the stop-loss. Stop-loss in itself is not a wrong strategy, where you put a stop-loss matters the most. If a stop-loss gets triggered often, rethink why your stop-loss is getting triggered. Remember, “Stop-loss is inevitable evil”.

  • Financial Markets are eternal.

The markets offer endless and plentiful possibilities, generally a trader ESPECIALLY after a loss tends to trade immediately to recover the loss and ends up in compounding the loss. Or if he misses a trade, he jumps into a next trade without planning. Missed opportunities exist only in your mind. Prices keep changing and generate other opportunities. The goal of trading is to make a net profit after a sequence of trades. Markets are always there whether you remain or not.

  • Never over-leverage and over-trade.

Over leverage makes you ignore risk management. Over leverage has to be taken care of, more in already leveraged instruments like futures or in FOREX trading. Big volumes kill substantial price movement. Over trading is another aspect of bad trading practice. Give your mind thinking time to develop a strategy. Over trading results in tiredness, both to you and your capital.

  • Discount market rumors from market facts.

Discount market rumors like Interest rates policy, GDP, stocks data and many more to say. Prices digest all the future news.

  • Take care of your trading costs.

While trading, costs like brokerage, taxes and other statutory charges are actual costs. It is observed that many traders end up paying about 20% to 30% of their profits or losses towards trading costs. If you are loosing then you are loosing 20% of your losses due to the virtue of trading costs. If you are making profit, you are actually loosing 20-30% of your profits.

  • Trade with clear mind.

Finally, last but not least, trade only when your mind is in a position to think. Some times, even due to a small fight with your spouse or brother or sister or your kid or your friend or may be some stranger on your way to office or for any reason if you are disturbed, don’t trade. Trade with clear mind.

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